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Love & Sex


What It’s Like To Date A Musician

A tone deaf girl’s experience of loving and living with a musician.

As A Ban Looms Over The Kamasutra, I Wonder If Indian Porn Will Ever Come Of Age

Dear Bhakts, here's what the average Indian thinks about pornography. Yes they do think of it.

Coming Out: Shivali's Story

"I have a woman's soul, but my body is that of a man."

The HIV-Positive Couple - #LoveInIndia

He's HIV+, she's HIV+. They were meant for each other.

From Russia With Love - #LoveInIndia

The Indian taxi driver with the Russian bride.

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Coming Out: Justine's Story

The #ComingOut story of a bisexual hairstylist and fashion entrepreneur from Mumbai.

Coming Out: Chanchal's Story

The story of a girl who changes her sex to become a man.

Coming Out: Gautam's Story

If someone calls me gay, I can slap them and say "Yes I am, what's your problem?"

The Backseat Episode 1: Dating

Sushant speaks to young people about love, sex and relationships. This episode is on dating.

Love Story Of A Reformed Kashmiri Militant | 101 Underground

A tale of kidnapping, coercion, and cross-border love.