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How To Stay The Hell Away From The Friend Zone

A note to all men with a desire to change the way women experience them.

How To Date In Ladakh: Staying Frosty With Hippies

Dating in Ladakh is like a Rubik's cube: the more you play, the harder it gets.

As A 9 Year Old, When I Told My Teacher I Know The Meaning Of Sex, She Slapped Me

Now I'm 19, and I hope I never join the ranks of repressed adults.

I Became A Moderator For An Adult Fiction Site

They needed people who had read enough porn to turn their brains blue.

Love Story Of A Reformed Kashmiri Militant | 101 Underground

A tale of kidnapping, coercion, and cross-border love.

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The F**kboy Apocalypse Is Upon Us, Arm Yourselves

How to spot a f**kboy in his natural habitat.

Is Sexual Incompatibility Tearing Our Relationships Apart?

Two people can be totally into each other and yet be sexually mismatched.

Supermodel Sex. It's Everything You Thought It Would Be

101India’s very own social tester finds himself alone at the end of a rejection filled night until he steps out of the bar and into the valet.

The HIV-positive Couple - #LoveInIndia

He's HIV+, she's HIV+. They were meant for each other.

From Russia With Love - #LoveInIndia

The Indian taxi driver with the Russian bride.

Coming Out: Justine's Story

The #ComingOut story of a bisexual hairstylist and fashion entrepreneur from Mumbai.