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I Looked Past The Barrel Of An Army Gun And Fell In Love With The Soldier

Dating someone from the armed forces is in stark contrast to having grown up in the family of one.

Swingers and Threesomes – Recipe For A Happy Marriage?

If I could include my partner in an affair, we could find a way to make things work.

Amidst The Hatred, The Chaos, The Prejudices, Love Still Finds A Way

Celebrate Valentines Day with love in all its forms - from a Bollywood romance, to an obsession, to a passion.

"What Are We Doing For Valentine’s Day", Asks Egyptian Friend. Different Country,...

I discovered the meaning of love through friends I made on my travels around the world.

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Our Increasingly Low Tolerance Levels Are Reflected In Our Failing Marriages

If married women hit on bald guys like me, there’s something seriously wrong.

I Dated A Very Catholic Bisexual And No, It Wasn’t Pretty

Religion makes the freedom to love a very difficult act.

An Increasing Number Of People Are Looking At Cyber Sex To Add Spice To Their Relationships

A true story of a girl’s journey from prude, to cybersex-er, to exhibitionist, to best sex ever.

He Loves Me, I Love Him But I Cannot Deal With The Music He Listens To Anymore

Relationships have become the first casualty of our increasingly intolerant mindset.