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My Democratic Country Thinks It’s Okay To Kill Me For Being Gay, How About You?

If you live in India or the US, your country just joined the band of bigots.

The Middle Class Treatment Of Betas And Bahus

A woman was murdered for having liberal views, I was simply counselled and disciplined.

Borun and Mamota Yumnam: Mr. & Mrs. Bodybuilding | 101 Love In India

The love story of a couple who share a unique passion.

What It’s Like To Date A Musician

A tone deaf girl’s experience of loving and living with a musician.

As A Ban Looms Over The Kamasutra, I Wonder If Indian Porn Will Ever Come Of Age

Dear Bhakts, here's what the average Indian thinks about pornography. Yes they do think of it.

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Coming Out: Shivali's Story

"I have a woman's soul, but my body is that of a man."

The HIV-Positive Couple | 101 Love In India

He's HIV+, she's HIV+. They were meant for each other.

From Russia With Love | 101 Love In India

The Indian taxi driver with the Russian bride.

Coming Out: Justine's Story

The #ComingOut story of a bisexual hairstylist and fashion entrepreneur from Mumbai.

Coming Out: Chanchal's Story

The story of a girl who changes her sex to become a man.

Coming Out: Gautam's Story

If someone calls me gay, I can slap them and say "Yes I am, what's your problem?"