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Is Gen-Y A Bunch Of Commitment Phobic Tinder Addicts?

Smashing the myths around youth dating culture.

How I Fell In Love And Jumped Into A Live-In With A Stranger In 7 Days

The lack of digital privacy and not respecting boundaries therein, led to the downfall of our relationship.

Sick Of Valentines Day

Petition for a National Single’s Day.

The Love Trip

How hosting a couchsurfer became my happily ever after... almost.

Is He A Fuckboy Or A Friend?

You’ll know when you see one. They are squint eyed and smell like guilt.

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How To Move On From A Toxic Relationship

250 days, 100 fights and a break-up.

For Many Women, Steady Relationships Are No Longer The Best Bet For Sex

Discovering the world of internet porn changed my sex life for good.

My Democratic Country Thinks It’s Okay To Kill Me For Being Gay, How About You?

If you live in India or the US, your country just joined the band of bigots.

The Middle Class Treatment Of Betas And Bahus

A woman was murdered for having liberal views, I was simply counselled and disciplined.

Borun and Mamota Yumnam: Mr. & Mrs. Bodybuilding | 101 Love In India

The love story of a couple who share a unique passion.

What It’s Like To Date A Musician

A tone deaf girl’s experience of loving and living with a musician.