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I Paraded Mumbai’s Hottest Halloween Party As A Chic-Grungy Nun Cover

I Paraded Mumbai’s Hottest Halloween Blowout As A Chic-Grungy Nun

India isn’t big on Halloween at all. No trick or treat. No corn candy. No outlandish shocker get ups at every corner with flaming tongues, mangled wounds and bleeding eyes. With most millenials keeping it lazy putting on lit horns or a venetian mask if they're feeling keen, there was one shindig in Mumbai that was the talk of the town: Playground do at The Four Seasons. Grand mover lights like Vegas, more booze than a pirate's ship and costumes sicker than flu. Of all the parties I’ve attended in the city on hallows’ eve, this one trumps the rest. The streets of Bandra had a few younglings dressed up in pockets and corners, while we left our pre-gaming location. With my buddies dressed as Johnny Bravo, Harry Potter and Christian Grey respectively, we stayed in character even if it meant Johnny Bravo screaming risible shit to girls like "Did anybody ever tell you I have beautiful eyes?" or my favourite : "If loving me is wrong you dont wanna be right".

I, on the other hand, pondered hard whether to go classic or trashy? freaky or retro? Subsequently I decided to go holy. I became a woman but not just any woman – one with a vow for chastity and church prayers: a nun. Lord knows why I chose that, but I never preach.

As the clock hit 12 on the perfect night to hoist your freak flag, the party was already seriously underway. Halloween emboldens revellers to cradle false identities for the night and ditch their inhibitions. Everybody drinks more and thinks less, making it a freedom ground of sorts with volatile consumption being the theme. It’s like this untold license that people have, with no option but to make some bad decisions that make for good stories. Hell, I’m no one to talk.
There were Egyptian pharaohs and a bloody vampire chick coven. Skeletor models and pirate dominatrices. Girls with enough white paint on their faces to make Michael Jackson proud. So many catwomen falling out of everywhere, I needed whiskers to fit in. A few Punjabi star costumes and one dude who had to come as superman. He went full retard Clark Kent ready to save earth. Words can’t do justice to the merry made. So here are some clicks for your kicks. Amen.

I'm having nun of that 

Who said death eater vampires cant be sexy 

The catwoman's out of the bag

Thou shall not have other gods beside me

Punjabi dance man, Random girl as "herself", Viking troller, Johnny Bravo and vampire coven bloodsucker

It's a bird, its a plane, no it's superman with uhm a 10 pack going into his chest? Too much Clark, too much.

My main accomplices : Around the oozing sexuality of Johnny Bravo and this vampire, any nun would be tempted

Wows of chastity

Yo-Ho-Yo-Ho: A pirate's life for me

By Roshmin Mehandru