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Serial Dater # Date 1 Cover Picture

Serial Dater - Date #1

I moved to Bombay two years ago to pursue a career in the music industry. The long hours I spent at work precluded me from finding much success in the city's dating scene, and I found myself feeling lonelier than I had ever been as a college student in the States. Inspired by the rave reviews from my friends abroad, I decided to try Tinder in the hope that I might meet someone special through the infamous dating app. 

I set out to go on 10 first dates. That's the limit I set myself. Besides I didn't think I would find love on the first one. 

Kunal Bambawale having coffee


Her profile hadn’t done her justice — she was prettier in person than her pictures had suggested. Her eyes were full and bright and beamed with a mischievous sparkle. She was taller than I’d expected, taller and more forthcoming and more confident than her messages had lead to me believe.

I found myself smiling effortlessly whenever her eyes found mine. Within seconds, we found an easy and effortless rapport. It really was amazing, how natural this whole thing was.

Only a few days ago she’d been just a picture on a screen. When her profile had popped up on Tinder, I’d swiped right, reassured by the friendliness of her smile.  Now, she was here: A real, live, living, breathing, smiling, breathtaking woman, sitting in front of me, sharing whimsical anecdotes and self-deprecating humor. I wanted to listen to her.

My favorite thing about her was the effortless way she’d fasten her hair up with a clip, then change her mind and let it retreat to her shoulders. She ordered a chocolate crepe for dinner. Her sweetness was delightful.

She was opinionated and confident enough to express herself, yet vulnerable enough that I wanted to take her in my arms and protect her. For dessert, she had a red velvet cupcake. I dropped her to a rickshaw soon after.

I texted her to make sure she’d reached home safe. She had. She also mentioned something I hadn’t thought of: The fact that we were strangers, allowed us to be completely ourselves.

Her thoughts:

Overall, I had a great time. When I’d just got there, I kept thinking ‘OMG I met this guy on Tinder.’ But eventually, I got really comfortable & it felt easy.

It bothered me a little that you kept yawning, but I’m going to believe that it wasn’t because of me :p


By Kunal Bambawale

Photography: Karan Khosla