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Serial Dater – Date #6 Cover Picture

Serial Dater – Date #6

She is talkative, funny, and intelligent, but I’m just not attracted to her. I have only asked her to dinner so that I can get closer to my goal of 10 dates. I guess that makes me an asshole.

Birdsong cafe has “rustic” interiors and quirky lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling. It is the kind of place that girls in Bombay love and say, “this is cute”, excitedly, when they first sit down. It works like a charm on her.

Kunal Bambawale

She is excited and articulate — both her parents are university professors — but I just can’t bring myself to care about her stories. She keeps looking at me expectantly. What am I supposed to deliver?

She tells me that she did her Bachelor’s degree in the States and will soon be returning for her Master’s. Her research will be in some incredibly complex field that I might be able to understand, if I could just summon the energy to listen carefully. As she eats her organic pumpkin sandwich, she tells me that she loves America, and that it’s rare to find laid-back guys in Bombay.

I pay the bill to make myself feel like less of an asshole. We leave. The air on Chapel Road is humid but our sweaty walk is mercifully cut short by the appearance of a rickshaw. The driver promises to take her to the station safely and I hug her goodbye.

The following week, she sends me lots of Snapchats but she’s making a silly face in all of them. Why do smart girls behave so strangely on social media?


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By Kunal Bambawale


Photography: Karan Khosla