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Love & Sex In India

Love & Sex

As Much As They Enjoy Watching Porn, Women Won't Ever Admit To It

The porn ban might be revoked but these four ladies tell us how talking about it, even among girlfriends, is still taboo.

“I Even Recommend Pornography As A Treatment Sometimes.”

We met a shrink to talk about sex-addiction and porn.

The Inside Story: Speed Dating With Gay Bombay

In the city of dreams, a subculture is looking for love just like everybody else.

What A Wine Thirsty Prowler Does On Bastille Day In Mumbai

July 14th celebrated as French national day also known Bastille day, is the day our social tester decided to hit up the city’s French community.

“Awaken Sex In Bored And Dull Women”: My Crazy Adventure Through A Mumbai Sex Shop

Follow me as I wade through the illegal and confusing world of sex toys in India.

Fake Titty Bras, Rainbow Mohawks And Endless Spank Queues

101India’s very own social prowler explores the streets of Chicago for the Pride Parade coinciding with the legalization of same-sex marriage across America...

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8 Types Of Girls That Puff Trees

Straight up, uncut and raw. Puff puff pass.

How To Get Out Of The 'Friendzone' And Get Laid!

Don't let her treat you like her gay best friend. Unless you are one.

Serial Mater

A social prowler, he patrols the nightlife across cities, keeping it real and reporting in with the dirt from his midnight adventures.

They Say Fat People Never Get Laid. Am I The Exception?

I am living proof that you can get with anyone if you play it right.

Never Say Never. Because You Might Find Yourself Dating The Very Same Fatty You Swore Not...

Our writer Rukun decides to `lower' her self-imposed standards of dating and finds that weight issues were the least of their problems.

Serial Dater – Date #10

Kunal's last chance to find the woman of his dreams. Read on as his Tinder adventure comes to an end. Sigh!