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Anthem For The North East (Extended Version): Episode 9: Hip Hop Homeland North East

Feyago | Cryptographik Street Poets | Khasi Bloodz | Symphonic Movement | Stunnah Beatz

The Dark Side Of Hip Hop: B-Boy Kim: Episode 10: Hip Hop Homeland North East

One of India's most talented b-boys tells us about the struggle to find his identity through hip hop.

Like A Sufi - MC Kash & Alif - 101 Union

Sufi-ethnic rock meets hip hop in India's first ever Sufi rap.

Going Vernacular With Khasi Bloodz: Episode 6: Hip Hop Homeland North East

How insurgency in the region inspired a new breed of hip hop music.

MC Kash aka Roushan Illahi: Hip Hop Homeland

Political strife turned Kashmiri Rapper MC Kash to the hip hop life.

Feyago's Baul Folk Hip Hop (Music Video): Episode 2: Hip Hop Homeland North East

What happens when you blend Bengali folk music with urban hip hop?

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In Search Of An Anthem With Feyago: Episode 1: Hip Hop Homeland North East

The journey to create a hip hop anthem for the North East begins with rapper Feyago in Kolkata.

An Anthem Takes Shape: Khasi Bloodz (Music Video): Episode 7: Hip Hop Homeland North East

The official music video for the Khasi Bloodz hip hop Anthem For The North East.

The Making Of Like A Sufi | 101 Sufi

The story of how Sufi rock and hip hop met to create an instant classic.