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The Magical Music Of "Shithole" Countries

These places are so sacred Trump’s America should kiss their ground if they were allowed to land.

India's Gullies Dance To A Brand New Hip Hop Anthem

This isn't just a music video – it's an invitation to walk in their shoes.

In America, Hip Hop Went Commercial. In India It's Going Street, And It's For...

Suede Gully, a multilingual rap anthem, introduces India's furious new poets to the aam janta.

Wild | Koovagam Music Video | 101 Video Yatra

A musical journey through Asia’s largest transgender festival in Tamil Nadu - Koovagam.

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Coming Out Music Video | Reuel Benedict & Sahirah | 101 Love In India

A musical tribute to those who have finally decided they don't want to hide who they are, and who they love.

The Middle (Music Video) | 101 The Brief

Gender fluidity, conveyed through music and art.

Like A Sufi - MC Kash & Alif - 101 Union

Sufi-ethnic rock meets hip hop in India's first ever Sufi rap.

Jhelumas - Alif - 101 Sufi

A Sufi-rock ode to the river Jhelum, inspired by the Kashmir floods.

Anthem For The North East (Extended Version): Episode 9: Hip Hop Homeland North East

Feyago | Cryptographik Street Poets | Khasi Bloodz | Symphonic Movement | Stunnah Beatz