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An Anthem Takes Shape: Khasi Bloodz (Music Video): Episode 7: Hip Hop Homeland North East

The official music video for the Khasi Bloodz hip hop Anthem For The North East.

Track: Anthem For The North East
Artist: Khasi Bloodz ft. Symphonic Movement & Stunnah Beatz

Home is where I’m at
The Eastside’s my homeland
Like clockwork 
My fingers are working to the bone
I'm raising my flag
Waving it high
Revolution's coming
Ain't nobody there is ever gonna break us down
This is my life and hiphop is my drive, 
Like a Phoenix from the ashes to blue skies we rise
This is my life and hiphop is my drive, 
Like a Phoenix from the ashes to blue skies we rise

Welcome to Meghalaya, 101 India, 
I'm steady on my grind I got no time for no persona 
I'm living the way I wanna, smoking, 
I got few months left in an institution then I'm gonna 
Move towards my revolution,  evolution is absolute and here’s evidence, 
This smirk on my face versus your reverence, 
I judge not through countenance, I'm prominent like Maximus to the Romans, 
But these facts are hardly worth named opponents, 
Its ominous the way this meliorist’s bombing this beat 
I'm calm in the heat, impossible be the notion of defeat, 
As a kid, growing up I hardly had shoes on my feet, 
But I’ve seen bullet holes on church walls and a body in my street, 
Follow me on a journey down memory lane homie, 
I grew up around killers throwing parties with heist money, 
I don’t mean to promote violence nor provoke some sort of rivalry 
So far you’ve heard just a bit of my auto-biography

Surprise surprise, I know you hate to see me rise
When I come through, jealous eyes on the side
Haters throwing me stones, but I'm back for more 
Da lei lei ngan ym duh jingkyrmen
(Never will I ever lose hope)
You should know
You can talk the talk, but you can't walk the walk 
Cause you can't afford what I was taught, 
Da ki snem nga lah wad
(For years I've sought now)
Bad lah shem ia ka lad
(I've found the way to achieve)
Ban poi sha ka thong ba nga lah trei shitom
(The aspirations I've worked hard for)

Mait shaphrang
(Push on forward)
That's my word 
Leave you all 
Eating dirt
You can hate if you wanna hate 
I don't hesitate 
To spit on your face like Pac did 
Back in the days,
Haters!! Can't you see 
The more you hate me 
The more you motivate me 
I'm real and forever gonna stand my ground 
And aint nobody gonna take me down clown..


I ain't no Casanova, reefer smoker, not a singer,
Always drinkin, never sober, body's aching, need a liver,
But I do not think I freakin’ need somebody to deliver 
Me from evil, I'm a sinner!!
I disfigure every rapper in this industry in India,
I don't care you Honey, Brotha who?? Big Deal or Krsna (the rapper)?
I'm a khasi homie, I don't mess with all that drama,
I got made in fire, homie I spit it till you bleed,
F U and your gimmick artistry,
You ain't in Rap's geography,
Wake up and face reality,
So, quit rhymin’ all that nonsense,
Before I knock you off your conscience, 
Then rip off every bit of confidence, off ya mind!
Ko blei nga dei u khrapei map ia nga,
(Dear god I’m a drunk)
Nga la ngop ha ki pop dei lyngba tyngka,
(I am lost in sin all because of this money)
Ha thwei ba shong ki thlen nga ju smat ban jngi,
(in a place where evil lies, I always love to swim)
Nga shong hangne marwei nga lynga pisa,
(I sit here alone so uncomfortable in anxiety)
Jingpynshoi ki wan,ki wan bud ia nga,
(But temptations, they come and they follow me)
Hynrei mynsiem ka thrang men um shet kylla,
(But this heart of mine won’t let me betray me)
Ia ka sap ba ai u Blei men ym pynsyrwa,
(And this God given talent, you will not waste it)
(Waste it)
(Waste it)


Watch the journey of how this music video was made here:

Directors: Mandesh Shetty, Rishabh Soin
Asst. Director: Shakunendra Singhal
DOP: Rameshwar Naidu
Camera: Parvdeep Singh Dandona
Line Producer: Mrinal Paul
Editor: Jatin Dua, Jerin Jose, Ramesh Satya
Feyago's Makeup: Sne Sharma
Technical Asst: Shubham Rai
Music Courtesy: Stunnah Beatz (StunnahSez Beatz)

101 India’s Hip Hop Homeland is an on going web series on the burgeoning underground Hip Hop scene in India. It’s the voice of the street, bringing together artists who use rap as a medium to voice out the real issues they face in their hood. After a successful stint in the North and the West, this season, we head to the Northeast with popular rapper Feyago, on a journey to find & collaborate with the finest Hip Hop talent in the region.