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Building An Anthem With C.S.P. (Music Video): Episode 5: Hip Hop Homeland North East

The official music video for CSP's version of the Anthem For The North East.

Track: Anthem For The North East
Artists: Cryptographik Street Poets ft. Symphonic Movement & Stunnah Beatz

Home is where I’m at
The Eastside’s my Homeland
Like Clockwork 
My fingers are working to the bone
I'm raising my flag
Waving it high
Revolution's coming
Ain't nobody there is ever gonna break us down
This is my life and hiphop is my drive, 
Like a Phoenix from the ashes to blue skies we rise

Prophet on the mic, you know I rock it like a demigod
My semi-automatic rhythm will end it all
I said it all, homie now it's time to stop and listen
On how we care for shit just by screaming fuck the system
Listen close you'll hear the pain real loud
I'm on that weird shit, love to rip your brain spleen out
Funny how the underground is just too mainstream now
Keep hearing these faint screams when I make these sounds
Yo, now let me spit a little syllable play
I could dribble for days with words, minimal pain
It's critical mayne that I keep my lyrical game
To a point where it's absurd like saying miracle pays
Keep it going but still stuck with petty minimum wage
And everybody too busy chillin' in silicon cage
Nothin but a slave, need to see the citizens rage
Need to see the system burned and real criminals chained

I get disgusting in the lab, like fecal samples
Your style is ancient and old like wooden sandals
Yo I be spiting fire, like the tip of a candle
What I spit is a scandal, These elephant bars that'll get you trampled
Wack emcees scramble, like roaches on the light
Yo I do it like NAS, all I need is one mic
Nah, fuck it, I need more, cause mics will ignite
Been known to spit tight, inspired their rappers to rewrite 
Despite, I always give 'em a fist fight
In world of Warcraft, yo I be the monk type 
Riding on my gryphon, spitting flows with no lights on 
Gripping mics like a python, on this flow that I ride on 
I'll be biting you like Tyson, yo I'm fighting with the fury of street fighter M. Bison


I was on that ride, witness struggle on my circle 
Hurdle, hurtle at these obstacles, 
Man all I need was (a) miracle
The cause was all just similar
It turns you to a radical,
Images dispecable
Telling (you) youre incapable. 
Truth behind the shadow, what they told me its hard to follow
These assholes they be so cold but always hold my ego
I haunting at the congo, Raging bull like De Niro
From up down below man, I always fight but not a hero
Trust me! 
I still skip up all those nonsense, 
Momma worry about me being so cautious. 
Captain on my own, man I got own ship sank
Circle by these sharks,  stuck inside this big tank. 
And that's all I know, 
The more you grow, getting old, life's a different show
You never know what's hold that's what they always told 
So I fold, set to go search for a pot of gold
Hei jingim iong I u tia chaphrang
(This life of ours, we are going to push it forward)
Jinglong chynrang u mih chaphrang
(Cause now that we are men, we are coming forward)
Jingkwah mynsiem I wa da thrang 
(Our soul desires what we thirst for)
Hap noh ki waroh cha synrang
(We won't ever throw it all even when we're at the top)


Watch the journey of how this video was made here:

Directors: Mandesh Shetty, Rishabh Soin
Asst. Director: Shakunendra Singhal
DOP: Rameshwar Naidu
Camera: Parvdeep Singh Dandona
Line Producer: Mrinal Paul
Editor: Jatin Dua, Jerin Jose, Ramesh Satya
Feyago's Makeup: Sne Sharma
Technical Asst: Shubham Rai
Music Courtesy: Stunnah Beatz (StunnahSez Beatz)

101 India’s Hip Hop Homeland is an on going web series on the burgeoning underground Hip Hop scene in India. It’s the voice of the street, bringing together artists who use rap as a medium to voice out the real issues they face in their hood. After a successful stint in the North and the West, this season, we head to the Northeast with popular rapper Feyago, on a journey to find & collaborate with the finest Hip Hop talent in the region.