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Indian Music Videos Are Packing More Food For Thought. Cover Picture

Indian Music Videos Are Packing More Food For Thought.

No cheesy band shots or decorative models here.

Ask any Indian music lover what their favourite Indie music video is, and the answer will probably range from Euphoria’s ‘Maeri’ to Alisha Chinai’s ‘Made in India’ or even Daler Mehndi’s ‘Bolo Tara Tara’. Never mind the 20 years that have passed since they came out. The status of indie music videos today --a time when music channels hardly play videos and people hardly watch TV on TV --is such that they are consumed mostly by fans of the artiste. The reach is limited to whoever makes an effort to click on the YouTube link of the video and watch. In a more-or-less DIY-oriented indie circuit, where financial assistance by labels is considered a joke, there are however, bands who are putting their time, hard work and money into making videos that make heads turn. We’re doing our bit to get them the views they deserve.


1. Your Chin – ‘Fingerprints & Mugshots’

Raxit Tewari aka You Chin released yet another superlative video this year (after ‘Who would have thought’ in 2014), which finally introduced to the world to the creature called Chin. It features actor Neil Bhoopalam and the animated Chin partaking in some cool shenanigans at night.

2. Midival Punditz - 'Baanwarey'                         

The electronica duo from Delhi released its first album in six years, and with it, the video for one its songs, ‘Baanwarey’. The animation sequence is intriguing as it shows the creation of a mythical animal which borrows features from the elephant, lion, tiger, peacock, snake, deerand rooster (yes half the animal kingdom is here). Kudos to artistes Santana Issar and Naasha Mehta who hand-drew the figures in the video.

3. MaatiBaani – ‘Funky Pawa’

Trust Mumbai’s popular folk-fusion act Maati Baani to bring out evocative visuals and music in their videos. Its worth noting that the band records its music right where it is produced – whether it is in the home of Rajasthani artistes or under a peepul tree where you might find a flautist knitting melodies.  This particular video is remarkable in the way it marries quirky illustrations/animation to real-life subjects.


4. FuzzCulture – ‘With Open Eyes’

This video propagates the tenet that today’s generation swears by – YOLO. ‘With Open Eyes’ tells the story of an elderly man who defies his age to party like a boss. It may not be on every senior citizens playlist. But we would rate it as endearing.

5. The Ska Vengers – ‘Frank Brazil’

One of the most politically vociferous bands of recent time, Delhi-based The Ska Vengers have challenged Modi and slammed India as a police state through their songs. This new animated video chronicles the life of revolutionary Udham Singh from the time he assassinated Jallianwala Bagh villain General Dwyer, to his own hanging.


Words: NS

Cover Photo Courtesy: Maati Baani