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Pause your playlist, and check out what Sandunes is listening to! Cover Picture

Pause your playlist, and check out what Sandunes is listening to!

We got the young EDM producer who’s taking the electronic scene by storm to share her top five tracks.

This young music producer is highly influenced by her environment so she makes music at any given point in her day. “It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night.”
As we discussed our favourite electronic artistes, she told me it was Mount Kimbie’s Crooks & Lovers album which pushed her off the cliff and deep into making electronica. And as I argued my case that techno is the shit, she said it’s only great live and at a venue with a nice vibe.
When I asked her about her family’s feelings about her music, she said her mom loved her EP – Slybounce, although they did take some time to be okay with her career choices.
Later, she went on to tell me how Point Blank Music School broadened her horizon and gave her the required equipment and knowledge to make her a music producer, something which wasn’t available here in India. Well, it definitely did her some good, her success says it all!

We asked her to share the music she’s currently digging, and this is what she recommends:

1. D'Angelo and The Vanguard - Really Love

I'm hooked onto this one. It’s got great production and a real richness in the music.


2. Just A Band - Probably For Lovers

And this is for more chilled-out mornings.

3. What Makes It So from Orisis by Briars of North America

Recently came to learn of the band and love the production on this track and think it's an incredibly well-written song.

4. "Family" by People's Champs

This track reminds me of the Afrobeat and funk I grew up listening to!

5. Solstice – The Echo Society

This is also really great to just have on and playing while you're working/going about your day.




Words: Ramiz Shaikh

Photo Credit: Neville Sukhia