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Rare Childhood Pictures Of India’s Coolest Rock Stars

Rare Childhood Pictures Of India’s Coolest Rock Stars

We rummaged through several photo albums and found that these musicians were rocking it even in their kid years. 

  • 1. Warren Mendonsa


    Here’s India’s blues virtuoso on his fourth birthday, holding the bass guitar his dad, Darryl Mendonsa, used to play with his popular ’80s band, Savage Encounter.

    Child Hood Photo of Warren Mendonsa

    Photo: Parizad D


  • 2. Gino Banks


    This picture of Gino is from the early ’90s. “It was taken during rehearsals for a tour of Australia and China with dad’s (Louiz Banks) group Sangam. I handled percussion on the octapad,” remembers Gino.

    Childhood Photo of Gino Banks


  • 3. Sahil Makhija


    The young metalhead looks as killer as ever, all geared up with black wristbands and baggy jeans. “This picture was clicked at my house before I left for the first Demonic Resurrection gig at Razzberry Rhino,” says Sahil. 

    Childhood Photo of Sahil Makhija


  • 4. Vasuda Sharma


    This pretty musician has always been a stage diva. “I must have been 7-8 years-old in this picture. I was dressed as Radha and was singing and dancing to a Krishna bhajan at a school function,” she reminisces.

    Childhood Photo of Vasuda Sharma


  • 5. Sheldon D’silva

    (Bass player)

    A teenaged Sheldon is seen practising on his bass in this picture. “I was just a very curious boy who wanted to learn the instrument. The best part was I learnt it because it excited me. I never thought about being a professional musician,” he says.

    Childhood Photo of Sheldon D'silva


  • 6. Jai Row Kavi


    We can’t decide what’s cuter: those cheeks or the braces-y smile. “This was clicked during a family trip in Alibaug. My mom’s friend, whose house we were at, always took family photos of us.”

    Childhood Photo of Jai Row Kavi


  • 7. Siddharth Basrur

    Siddharth made the most adorable toddler-rock star. That delightful smile continues to have a charming effect on women.

    Childhood Photo of Siddharth Basrur




    Words: NS