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‘Some People Are Calling Me A Terrorist And Asking Me To Leave India’ Cover Picture

‘Some People Are Calling Me A Terrorist And Asking Me To Leave India’

India is fast becoming a nation of absurdities. The past week witnessed some of the most ludicrous bans in world’s largest democracy – from beef to the Nirbhaya documentary and even Gmail services in government offices. While most people chose to vent their anger on social media through written messages, singer-songwriter Bhuvan Bam decided to use music to convey his message. So he wrote, composed and sang a song that he titled ‘Ban-Chod’. He uploaded it on YouTube five days ago, bam! it hit the right note.  The parody song that suggests that it is time now for India to be renamed Ban-Chod went viral in no time. It pulled in one lakh views in the first 24 hours and the last we checked, it had almost four lakh hits.

1. Why did you decide to make this song and the video?

The concept of this song just popped up randomly. There were no initial plans as such, but when I heard that the Nirbhaya documentary was getting banned for no logical reason, I decided to raise my voice against it.

2. How many days did it take for the audio and the video to be ready? And how many people were involved?

It took me two days to write, compose, arrange and record the song, and one whole day to gather the information and edit the video. I did it all by myself. You see, I’m one-man army!

inger-songwriter Bhuvan Bam

3. How have things changed for you since the song released? Did you expect it would get so many views?

Deep down I felt that this song had a potential to create a wave. I was glad when the video hit a lakh views on the first day of its release. Hundreds of messages and friend requests poured in. The video has already crossed a three-lakh milestone, and it is among the 'Most Popular Videos in India' right now. I am overwhelmed with the response.

4. Did you face any backlash? Got any negative comments about the video?

There are hundreds of positive and negative comments pouring in. Everyone has their point of view but I expected people to be a bit sporting. Some think that I have disrespected India but the video description clearly says 'This song is pointed towards the ''Banning issues'' in our country'. Some people are calling me a terrorist and asking me to leave India! Can you imagine that?

5. Is it important for musicians and artistes to raise their voices like you did? How can they make their opinions matter?

Artistes/musicians can influence the masses through their art. I think everyone should contribute their bit in order to bring about a positive change.

6. Are you working on more such protest songs?
Not really, unless there is another illogical ban imposed!

7. Do you feel this song could be your ticket to fame? Have you been opportunistic?

If spreading awareness regarding an issue which I feel strongly about during the time when it actually is being hyped makes me an opportunist, the gladly I am one.  

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8. Tell us about your music otherwise. Do you work as a musician full-time?

My music is completely different from what I did in this song. I am a hardcore John Mayer and Lucky Ali Fan. All my songs have an acoustic touch. Yes! I always knew that studies weren't meant for me. I wanted to pursue music since childhood. Professionally, I am active in the music circuit for the past four years now, and I travel and perform everywhere.

Watch the video here:

Words: NS