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They Have The Best Seat In The Band But The Toughest Job. Meet The Drummers

They Have The Best Seat In The Band But The Toughest Job. Meet The Drummers

Using all four limbs to play an instrument and keeping steady time is not a cakewalk. But these guys do it with swag.

  • 1. ‘As a drummer, you are the engine room of any band’

    Gino Banks

    (Gino is one of the most versatile drummers on the circuit. He has performed with the who-who of the fusion, indie and Bollywood fraternities)

    Gino Banks

    Best thing about being the drummer: As the drummer you are the engine room, the driving force of any band you play in. That's a lot of power and responsibility right there! Plus it's the most fun instrument to play.

    Worst thing: Setting up, packing up, unloading and offloading the all the equipment and hardware.

    Biggest music milestone: Every musical situation that just works and aligns perfectly with a set of great and talented musicians is a milestone. That's what we strive for everyday.


  • 2. ‘Playing different genres for 20 to 20,000 people is exciting’

    Adrian D’souza

    (Adrian is an established drummer who has toured widely across India and around the world with indigenous and international artistes)

    Adrian D’souza

    Best thing about being the drummer: It is always a wonderful experience being able to express myself and communicate with musicians using the language of rhythm. But it means more to me when the interaction of creative forces between us musicians on stage results in music that brings joy to those who have come to listen.

    Worst thing: Poor drummer jokes? Ok I’ve got one - Simon Cowbell, the whiney percussionist.

    Biggest music milestone: When I was a kid back in college, I got my break with Louiz Banks. I spent many valuable years with the maestro. Later American jazz singer and educator Roseanna Vitro gave me the drummer’s seat in her trio which opened up a whole new window. Being invited by the United Nations Jazz band to play in South Africa, playing with Roseanna Vitro and the Philharmonic Orchestra in.


  • 3. ‘Drummers come first for a gig and leave last’

    Vinayak Pol

    (Vinayak has made his mark as one of the most versatile young drummers. He currently performs with Rahul Sharma, Rakesh Chaurasia, Niladri Kumar and Anusha Mani) 

    Vinayak Pol

    Best thing about being the drummer: The song doesn't start until you say it start and give count, you don't have to retune after every song and rehearsals are usually at your own place since drummers don't like to carry their gear out.

    Worst thing: The worst part is you come first at the gig for setup and you leave last. So while you do the packing, the boys are already done partying. And it happens to all the drummers.

    Biggest music milestone: Playing with big names such as Rahul Sharma, Niladri Kumar, Deep forest and John Leckie. I really grew up listening to these artistes as musician so it's a great pleasure to collaborate with them now.


  • 4. ‘The worst part is paying for excess luggage or using some surprisingly bad rental kits’

    Hamza Kazi


    Hamza Kazi

    Best thing about being the drummer: That you get to sit while the others have to stand! Jokes apart, it's the immense responsibility of being the backbone of a band. A band's tightness generally depends on the tightness of its drummer.

    Worst thing: The worst part is having to carry all the gear around, paying excess luggage or using some surprisingly bad rental kits.

    Biggest music milestone: The release of Coshish's debut album Firdous. A prog-rock concept album was something that I'd wanted to do since 2002! Seeing it receive positive reviews from critics and fans was just some icing on the cake! We managed to get nominated for several awards and ended up winning the Jack Daniel Rock Award for Best Drummer and Radiocity Music Award for Best Band.


  • 5. ‘A drummer’s seat is the best seat in the house’

    Sheldon Dixon


    Sheldon Dixon

    Best thing about being the drummer: I get to be behind the best instrument of the world and play my heart's content. It’s the best seat in the house.

    Worst thing: There is no worst thing about being a drummer. Music is where your soul is, so that’s one special thing that I am fortunate to have.

    Biggest music milestone: Being part of two huge bands, Metakix and Dream Out Loud, in the past was awesome. I learned so much from the guys. We had our time. Currently I’m excited about my band Overhung and our album, Moving Ahead.



    Words: NS