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‘We Are Ready To Slay It At Coachella’ Cover Picture

‘We Are Ready To Slay It At Coachella’

They’ve achieved something that most Indian artistes can only dream of. Next week, one of India’s biggest electronica sensation, B.R.E.E.D will be playing  to a mass of frenzied EDM fans at one of the largest music festivals in the world – Coachella. The three-day music extravaganza is held every year in California’s Colorado Desert and features a host of artistes across genres from around the globe.

We caught up with the future bass duo(comprising Ritesh Dsouza and Tara Mae) as they work on the final setlist for their gig.

Congrats on Coachella! What was your first reaction when you got to know that you made it to the line-up?

Thank you! We were so happy when we found out – it was like everything we had worked so hard on in the last two years especially finally all led to this, so obviously it’s a super great feeling.

Being the first Indian act to be playing there, do you feel a pressure of sorts?

 No we don’t really feel pressured at all. We are ready to do our thing, our art, and slay it at Coachella and our live set is getting ready to go and we can’t wait to share those pictures and videos with our Indian fans. We think they will be happy to catch some of our footage after the festival if they can’t be there.

At Coachella Selfie Time
​Photo source: Coachella Facebook Page

What is the one thing that you are looking forward to the most at Coachella? Any acts that you want to catch there/any experiences you'd like to indulge in?

Besides our set, we are actually really excited to see a lot of the artists we admire perform.. There’s a lot of good artists that we want to see perform like FKA Twigs, Ryan Hemsworth, Sylvan Esso, Tycho, What So Not, Chet Faker, Flying Lotus, DJ Snake etc. 

Are you working on new material?

Yes, we are always working on new material. We always like to keep expanding on our music, writing new songs, recording new vocals, etc. We have a few super amazing singles and EPs that we are stoked to release, particularly our Diamonds into Squares EP.

At Coachella Getting ready for the gig

How challenging/easy was it for you to feature in the Coachella line-up. Is the programming process democratic or is it difficult for an Indian act to get placed?

It was neither super challenging nor super easy. It happened and we kind of weren’t expecting it, so it just kind of fell into place. But at the same time, it took us a lot of hard work over the past few years to get to this point and that journey is what led to this performance. So you definitely have to build up your name and get your music heard and get recognized in order to get booked for something like this.

At Coachella the Stage
Photo source: Coachella Facebook Page

How do you ensure that each and every gig you play stays memorable for you as well as the fans? How important is showmanship.

We always try to stick to an honest set – meaning we stick to what we believe is true to the environment around us, but also to the music that we want to play and feel. We have been able to turn crowds around that may have been otherwise bored and uninspired for whatever reason, and then turned them into super enlightened, intrigued and inspired audiences.  Because we don’t let the mood of the environment stop us from playing what we believe is soul music; music that can really grab at your soul and touch you in a way that you can’t explain. That soul music is essentially the basic element in all of our sets, and also defies all categories and genres, and it is never the same. And we think that is what makes our gigs memorable.

Your favourite Indian electronica artistes?

Nicholson, Sickflip, Nucleya and Sound Avtar.


Words: NS