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Incoming: Seeing Sounds With Visual Jockeys | Make Believe x VJ Decoy x Portal

Visual Jockeys are transforming the future of partying into an immersive audiovisual experience. 
The same way a DJ mixes tracks to make new music, a VJ or visual jockey mixes visuals to create a new experience. Trippy, layered visuals, mapped to the music, help to transform ordinary locations into places where people can just let loose and have a great time. Meet VJs Decoy, Make Believe and Portal Video Mapping, visual artists who want to make VJs, not just the DJs the main attractions of the parties of the future.

'Seeing Sound With Visual Jockeys' is part of 'Incoming': a series of films exploring subcultures, trends and people shaping the future of partying in India.

Special Thanks: Burudu, Skyflwr, Karan Kanchan
Location courtesy: TIFA