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The Great Indian Chamcha

There are many ways up the corporate and political ladders. The second quickest is Chamchagiri. Learn this fine art now from the Masters themselves,

The Great Indian Chamcha: oiliness is next to godliness

Their supreme devotion to their ‘lords’ is mind-boggling. They will run, they will kill, they will die for their God!

The Chamcha Games

Years of stringent training and toe-licking dedication have led to the highest standards in the world of Chamcha sports.

The Knee Race

Ready, steady, on all fours, go!

How Much Shit Can You Take?

And how much shit can you give?

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The Love Engineer | The Great Indian Lover

If you're stuck with one of these, you might wish you were single.

The Petrified Lamb | The Great Indian Lover

Ladies please speak to him before he sweats himself to death.

The Great Indian Lover

Meet the Great Indian Lovers: The Devdas, The Kavi, The Mamma's Boy, The Bollywood Extremist and many many more. Will they live and love freely in today’s...

Mr. Hardcore | The Great Indian Lover

For him love is pain. For you it’s painful.

The Invisibles | The Great Indian Lover

A tribute to the hidden loves of India. These Days The Love Triangle Is You, Your Lover And The Moral Police

Incoming: Seeing Sounds With Visual Jockeys | Make Believe x VJ Decoy x Portal

Visual Jockeys are transforming the future of partying into an immersive audiovisual experience.