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The Last Anglo-Indian Jockeys Of Kolkata | 101 Traces

The community brought horse racing to Kolkata. But how much longer will this legacy last?

Missing #4: Koja & Anwar Khan | 101 Heartland

How one man spent years in a Pakistani Jail just to get his brother back.

Shanti Devi, India’s Only Female Truck Mechanic, Fixes Tyres And Breaks Stereotypes

At 60, she works 12 hours a day and rolls tyres as easily as she rolls a roti.

Monica Liu: The 'Don' Of Chinatown | 101 Traces

Thanks to her, Calcuttans know what Chinese food made by Chinese people tastes like.

Dom Raja: The Untouchable Gatekeeper of Heaven

Meet the untouchable caste that performs the last rites in Varanasi.

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The Muslim Gatekeepers Of The Jewish Synagogue | 101 Heartland

For generations, the caretakers of Kolakata's Jewish synagogues have been Muslims.

Missing #1: Nanak Singh | 101 Heartland

He went missing at age 7. 32 years later, he is still missing.

Life With The Tribals In One Of Asia's Oldest Sal Forests - Mahan Forest

How the intoxicating mahua fruit defines life in Mahan.

The Blind Photographer | 101 Heartland

Pranav Lal didn't let the fact that he's blind stop him from becoming a photographer.

Missing #2: Bhagu Singh | 101 Heartland

The only clear fact in the case of Bhagu Singh is this: he has been missing for 32 years.

Football Stars Of Sonagachi | 101 Heartland

Meet the children of sex workers who represent India at international football tournaments.