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The Vanishing Tribe Of Bhistis In Kolkata

The water suppliers will soon be confined to the pages of history.

Percy The Parsi Powerlifter | 101 Traces

Why this veteran has set his hopes for a dying community on a weightlifting competition.

Doctor VC Discovers Cowpathy | 101 Oddly In India

The Doctor tries beauty products made from cowdung and cow urine.

We Need A New Soundtrack For Protests

I went to a protest the other day. It was a dreary thing.

For Me Everyday Was Drug Abuse Day

Remembering my time as an addict on ‘International Day Against Drug Abuse’.

Outrun Normal with Raghav Meattle

Raghav Meattle has never been one to conform. His brand of raw, original music has carved him an identity all his own.

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Painted By Zeeshan | 101 Subway

Meet makeup artist Zeeshan Ali, whose work is redefining gender roles.

We Are All Guilty Of Xenophobia

I found that the solution to ending all the hate is not too far.

I Finally Broke Free From The Vicious Cycle Of Instagram

The ugly truth behind the beautiful people with more followers than friends.

The Dog Lady Of Delhi | 101 Heartland

The heartwarming story of Pratima Devi, the lady with over 300 dogs.

The Women Of The Circus | 101 Traces

A peek into the lives of the women that make the Great Golden Circus what it is today.

A General Retires | 101 The Journey

As Gen. I.S. Singha enters civilian life, father and son set off on a trip to rekindle their bond.