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The Comic Con Virgin’s Version

It was like taking a trip to the mall.

Meet The Muslim Crusader Fighting For Hindu Temples

Fellow Muslims found him Un-Islamic, Hindus thought he wanted to steal the structures.

Does India Have A Hipster Culture?

A good hipster does not try to be one.

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Choosing Death: The Unthinkable Dilemma

How I opted to euthanise my terminally ill pet.

I Am A Migrant With An Aadhar Card

The diary of a Muslim girl in modern day India.

I Went To Rajasthan On A Field Trip, But My Taste Buds Went On A Food Trail

I can now identify the taste of concern, hospitality and pride that goes into Rajasthani food.

The Indian Academy Of Trolls Is Pissing People Off

The art of cyber-bullying does not come naturally.

Pursuing College In India Instead Of The West, Is The Real Culture Shock

With friends and class mates leaving for college abroad, life changes for the ones left behind.

Anjali Ameer: India's Transgender Leading Lady | 101 Movietown

The inspiring story of Anjali's struggle to become 'a complete woman'.