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Like The Dandi March, I Set Off On My Own Protest March

Protest is protein for democracy, use it generously.

Visiting The Typewriter Store At Hudson Circle Bangalore Is Like Stepping Into A Time Machine

From a business need to beatnik back alleys - the story of the Indian typewriter | 101 Traces.

Vishal Dadlani On His Greatest Fear, Greatest Love, His Looks And PM Modi

The Pentagram frontman answers some mind bending questions.

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Playing God To Win Him Over

Bridge between the human and the divine.

Watching The Ice Men Of Mumbai’s Fish Trade Is Like Watching A Painful Game Of See-Saw

The hard work, sweat, toil… and ice, that go into putting that fresh fish on your table.

The President's Granddaughter aka My Nani – How The First Family Of India Lives

From the halls of Rashtrapati Bhawan to everyday life – she handled the transition with class.

Feminist On Facebook, Gossip Monger On WhatsApp

The half-hearted feminism of urban Indian women.