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Anjali Ameer: India's Transgender Leading Lady | 101 Movietown

The inspiring story of Anjali's struggle to become 'a complete woman'.

A Hindu And A Muslim Walk Into A Dance Bar

The hidden dance bars of Bangalore.

I Had The Good Fortune Of Meeting Gauri Lankesh

Ideas are bulletproof, people aren’t.

The Last Of The Mattress Fluffers | 101 Traces

The twangy sound of the gaddawala's instrument may soon fade away.

20 Years For Rape. How Many For Molestation?

We live in a country where exposing your knees can get you molested.

Lifeguards: The Unsung Heroes of Ganpati Visarjan | 101 Heartland

The people who make sure you're safe when you immerse your idol in the sea.

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How Heroines Turn Into Naagins, Makkhis And Cheentis

Life as a serial writer is at the mercy of the 9.30 pm slot.

An Afternoon With An Author: Stephen Alter | 101 Makers

How a violent home invasion in Mussoorie became a source of inspiration for the book 'Becoming A Mountain'.

We May Have Just Lost Another Life To Gaming

The dangers of the Blue Whale Challenge.

The Vanishing Tribe Of Bhistis In Kolkata

The water suppliers will soon be confined to the pages of history.

Percy The Parsi Powerlifter | 101 Traces

Why this veteran has set his hopes for a dying community on a weightlifting competition.