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The Free School Under The Delhi Metro Bridge | 101 Heartland

How one man's dream to educate underprivileged children is becoming a reality.

Rajesh Sharma decided that there was a better way to help the underprivileged children he met under the New Delhi Metro bridges. At first he thought of buying them toffees or clothes. But he realised that this would only have a temporary effect on their lives. That's how the 'Free School Under The Bridge' began. The initiative is not run by an NGO or oganisation, but by the efforts of people like Mr. Rajesh Sharma. Starting with just a handful of children, the Free School Under The Bridge now teaches over 270 young children, with several other volunteers helping to teach the students in batches. Seeing how effective the initiative was, the Delhi Metro gave Mr. Sharma the permission to build blackboards on the walls and conduct his classes on a larger scale. All this teacher asks now is that the people of the city pitch in to teach the children in their respective areas, starting with just 10 kids at a time. Distribute education like blessings, he says.

Outside the metros and beyond the urban jungle live the sons and daughters of India’s heartland. This series tells their stories. 101 Heartland celebrates both unique communities and individual tales of hope, struggle, and reform. From the village of Bouncers just outside Delhi to the fascinating story of Ram Kumar Tyagi, once a wanted man but now a coach for aspiring female wrestlers, 101 Heartland tells stories for the heart, from the heartland.​