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The Great Indian Liquor Scam | 101 Underground

Are you sure you know what you're drinking? That Black Label you ordered may not actually be what it seems. A local bootlegger spills the beans on the secret and scary world of alcohol adulteration. 

Indian alcohol brands are mixed into bottles of foreign liquor, diluting the quality; and locally made alcohol called 'desi daaru' is added into Indian alcohol bottles, often with water. So the next time one of your friends tells you they only drink the good stuff, tell them they may not be so sure about that.

Beneath the surface lies the seedy underbelly, the black market that supplies our insatiable appetite for sin. 101 Underground tells stories of sex, sleaze, drugs, and violence. From militants  to child traffickers in Benares, we interview the men and women making a killing outside the mainstream. This is 101 Underground.