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Missing #2: Bhagu Singh | 101 Heartland

The only clear fact in the case of Bhagu Singh is this: he has been missing for 32 years.

Luxmi has been waiting for her husband, Bhagu Singh, to come back to her and their 3 children for 32 years now. He was captured by Pakistani rangers held in a Pakistani jail for crossing the border. Back home, the police and the officials live in denial while his loved ones refuse to give up.

Bhagu Singh was grazing his goats near Gohar Ka Tala, Rajasthan, 32 years ago. Gohar Ka Tala is located less than 2 km from the India-Pakistan border. In those days, there was no fencing on the border. Following his stray goats, Bhagu Singh crossed the border. Some have called him a thief, some a spy, some just a man who accidentally strayed across a border. One thing is for certain: Bhagu Singh has been missing for 32 years, leaving behind a wife and two children. 

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