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RIP Carlton Kitto: The Last of Kolkata's Jazz Legends | 101 Traces

Kolkata was once the hotbed of jazz in India. That era may fade away with the passing of this legendary musician.

Carlton Kitto played with Jazz legends like Sonny Rollins, Charlie Byrd, Chico Freeman, Pam Crain, Braz Gonzalves, Louiz Banks and Pandit Ravishankar. Some say there was no one on the Indian subcontinent with as much knowledge about jazz and music as Carlton Kitto. But today, one of the last in the old guard of jazz in India has moved on. We were lucky enough to interview him just before his tragic death, talking to him about the glory days of jazz in Kolkata and in India.

RIP, Carlton Kitto, and may you play on in heaven.

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