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Six Makeup Artists Show Me The Most Prized Item From Their Wardrobe

Six Makeup Artists Show Me The Most Prized Item In Their Wardrobe

Some things never go out of style. Even when they go out of style.

The craft of makeup is a most unique art, because the canvas is impermanent. Day after day, makeup artists create elaborate fantasies on the most challenging of all mediums - the human face. The saying that nothing is permanent except change rings true, especially in the world of consumerism. As ‘fast fashion’ rules our lives, we seldom have time to think about sentiment, and irreplaceability.

Being on the forefront of reinvention, I asked 6 top makeup artists to give me a glimpse of what they hold most dear. Talking to them made me realise, that while we have to do our part to keep our wardrobes sustainable, there are a few items that are high on sentimental value and will always survive the test of time.

Here’s presenting the oldest item in their closet, something that remains close to their heart despite the ever-changing world of fashion. What, from your wardrobe, do you think will survive you?


Savleen Manchanda, Professional Makeup Artist

Savleen Manchanda, Professional Makeup Artist

Let’s talk about an item in your closet that’s irreplaceable to you
These earings are irreplaceable. They are one of the first pieces of jewellery that my mother gifted me. We were out shopping with my aunt and I actually picked these earrings for my mum. Later on she gifted them to me, saying that since this was the first thing I chose for her, she wanted me to have them.

Do you believe in the saying ‘old is gold’?
I do believe that old is gold because we are all inspired by our own heritage. We may tweak things here and there, but the essence remains the same. So we all take inspiration from the old, which I believe is surely gold.

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Gursewak Singh, Professional Makeup Artist

Gursewak Singh, Professional Makeup Artist

Tell me about an item in your closet that’s irreplaceable to you
The Kada is a symbol of unbreakable attachment and commitment to God. It is in the shape of a circle which has no beginning and no end, like the eternal nature of God. The Kada is also worn by many ethnic Punjabis who may be Hindu, Muslim, or Christian. Moreover, the use of the Kada by non-Sikhs is encouraged as it represents the "totality of God." The basic Kada is a simple unadorned iron bracelet, but other forms also exist.

I was gifted this by my mother when I was in school. I have worn it ever since. It’s my good luck charm so I never take it off. I feel that it blends really well with my style, and I wear it on my right hand because that’s the hand I create art with. It gives me inspiration to keep on moving. You see it around often and a lot of people wear it solely for fashion. So it's always “on trend”.

What kind of wastage bothers you the most?
I hate wasting food. We go to expensive places to eat and then waste a lot of the food. This food can actually be fed to the hungry. So please be conscientious the next time you order, and do make sure that if you have leftovers, you give to some one in need.


Kaajee Rai, Professional Makeup Artist

Kaajee Rai, Professional Makeup Artist

Do you have any item in your closet that’s irreplaceable to you?
The neck piece I'm wearing. It was given to me by my best friend Ankita Jain and her sister Dakshita Jain, 10 years ago, when Dakshita made her first neck piece as an assignment. I loved it instantly and knew at the time that she would be a big designer someday.

Whether old or new, what makes an item special to you?
For me it’s the thought and value of what goes into purchasing an item that makes it special.


Elizabeth Gruszka, Professional Makeup Artist

Elizabeth Gruszka, Professional Makeup Artist

What item in your closet is irreplaceable for you?
I was with my cousins who I rarely see, on a wine tasting trip in the Barossa Valley in Australia.  On our way home we stopped by a small town named Tanunda.  My cousins, their daughters, and I, who all love vintage clothes, spotted a Salvation Army store close to where we parked.  We went in and all walked out with an item or two.  This is where I picked up this blazer.  I loved its peacock, teal green colour. 

It's irreplaceable firstly because I have such fond memories of cherished times spent with my family, and secondly  because every time I have worn it, it has brought me good luck! It will be in my closet forever. It is my lucky jacket as it can be worn casually, and also when I want to look a little proper.

Why do you think people value their goods less in today’s world of fast fashion?
People are spoilt for options, and due to peer pressure and social status, they attach more value to the price tag  and brand rather than the garment itself.  

Nowadays there are huge chain stores selling clothing that is made to last for only one season and then fall apart.  You can own more clothing and not be as attached to it. When I was growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, you really saved up and bought a piece of clothing, maybe one at a time, and treasured that piece until it wore out.

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Geet Sukhani, Professional Makeup Artist and Creative director At Geet Sukhani Salon and Academy

Please tell me about any item in your wardrobe that’s irreplaceable to you.
This self modified T-shirt I am wearing goes back half a decade. I used to wear it as a pullover. I bought it in the beginning of my career, when buying high-end brand clothes was just a fantasy. Every time I wear it, it takes me through my whole journey again.

What does irreplaceability mean to you in general?
It’s an emotion. It could be an emotion associated with art, a person, clothing or anything which can never be replaced.


Meera Sakhrani, Professional Makeup Artist

Meera Sakhrani, Professional Makeup Artist

Is there anything in your closet you consider irreplaceable?
I think our mothers are our very first style icons. They inspire us in their own unique way. I found this glorious jacket at my granny’s place. The moment I laid my eyes on it, I told her that I would consider this a family heirloom. Every piece of clothing tells a story and this beautiful vintage jacket, though unbranded, reminds me of my mother’s style. Every time I wear it, it’s with immense pride, as if I have a part of her with me. I hope this jacket remains with me forever, and someday I can pass it on to my kids, as my mother's legacy.

What is the smallest way you choose to recycle?
With clothing itself, there are great opportunities to recycle. Printed sarees can easily be cut and sewn into beautiful scarves. Similarly, a large scarf or stole can be turned into a bandage top. I use these hacks often, they help in styling oneself effortlessly. Using these, my mantra of style and comfort, stays alive and kicking.



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By Radha Jetley
Photographs by: Rohan Harnal
Savleen's photograph by: Arya Arora
Location credit: Worship Salon,DLF Emporio, New Delhi