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East-Meets-West In This Musical Fusion And Almost Takes It To A Level Of Caricature

An Indian classical musician’s attempt to save his genre.

O Naughty Krishna, Tell Me How | Raag Hameer | English Bandish

A karaoke music video for an Indian classical bandish in English.

What A Cool Pleasant Atmosphere | Raag Kedar | English Bandish

Sing along with the music video of this Hindustani classical track. In English.

The Man Who Sings Raagas. In English. | English Bandish

Kiran Phatak's take on Hindustani classical music will stick in your head.

The Time Machine In My Father's Chest

Time travel has fascinated me since my father introduced me to the concept as a child.

Gangajal Policewala: Shashi Bhushan Sharma | 101 Heartland

A close encounter with an encounter specialist.

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Mumbai: Where Sweet Dreams Are Sometimes Made Of Pigeon Shit

I share my new house with two pigeons and a struggling actor.

Why Being LGBTQ Is An Ongoing Struggle

Being gay sucks. Growing up gay sucks more.

Siddis: In It For The Long Run | 101 Traces

The African community that is India's hope for an Olympic medal.

Ferryman Of The Dead | Lallu Manjhi | 101 Heartland

Meet the man who ferries souls across the river Ganga and into the afterlife.

Eating For The Dead - The Jaga Brahmins

A community of professional mourners eating to ensure eternal peace for the deceased.

The Photographer Of The Dead | 101 Heartland

No selfies or group shots for Indra Kumar Jha. His subjects don't smile.