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The Man Who Had His Dog Stuffed | 101 Oddly In India

Is this pure love or just a strange story?

An Ambassador In An Autorickshaw | 101 Heartland

If the Mexican Ambassador to India can ride in an auto, why can't India's elite?

When Thomas Was Crafting Guitars, British Invasion & Beatlemania Had Just Hit USA

For this Malayali septuagenarian, guitar making is the drug of choice.

Performing Last Rites For Varanasi's Unclaimed Dead | 101 Heartland

Meet the 60 year old man who cremates the unclaimed dead bodies found in the holy city.

I'm An Unapologetic Liberal Atheist Feminist And As Queer As They Come

After the editors of Bangladesh's only LGBT Magazine were killed, I wonder if I should be worried about my life.

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Becoming Bachchan | 101 Movietown

The lookalike who became the hero of his own story.

Into The Minds Of Militants | 101 Underground

A Kashmiri militant's tale from insurgency back to civilian life.

An Interview With Militants | 101 Underground

A fascinating insight into the mind of a militant.

Meet Kashmir's Teenage Techie Who Has Setup An Online Radio Station

With no formal training, the 16 year old taught himself programming from borrowed books and online lessons.

Johan Cruyff: Football's Timeless Maverick, Dictating How The Game Is Watched In India

We take a look at the legacy of Dutch legend Johan Cruyff, possibly the most influential thinker in the evolution of the game.