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Dom Raja: The Untouchable Gatekeeper of Heaven | 101 Heartland

Meet the untouchable caste that performs the last rites in Varanasi.

Kung Fu Chandra: Sandalwood's Unsung Action Hero

You never see the real action hero: who takes all the risks, and does all the stunts.

Bollywood Gori | Foriegners In Indian Films | 101 Movietown

Ever wondered where Bollywood gets all its dancing foreigners?

“Religions Can Be Anti-Sex, For Sex, Or Neutral About Sex, But Not Detached From It.”

Meet a devotee of Krishna and the founder of the Gay and Lesbian Vaishnav Association.

“Tagore Took 15 Minutes To Write A Poem. I need 6 Months.”

I spoke to Martin Kampchen – The German Tagore – and learned he is more Indian than most of us.

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“I Am Actually Not That Into Comics” - Sarnath Banerjee, Graphic Novelist

Read on if you follow contemporary Indian literature and the world of graphic novels.

This Story Was Just My Excuse To Meet Joe Dunthorne

A fangirl's gotta do what a fangirl's gotta do.

This Fisherman Uses Coke And Pepsi Bottles As A Boat

He couldn't afford a boat, so he used his head.

“If You Want To Live With A Dog, You’ve Got To Think Like A Dog.”

We find out what makes Shirin Merchant one of the World's Greatest Dog Whisperers.

Are Genital Piercings For Real?

From penises to clitorises to labia lips, this 33-year-old dude has pierced it all.

Becoming India’s First Transsexual Model Gave Nikkiey Chawla The Love And Adulation She...

It also brought her a whole lot of hate, which only delighted her.