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Jaipur Ka Iron Man

A small town lad becomes a local hero, thanks to his love for cosplay.

Exploring The Dark World Of Prostitution Through The First-Person Perspective Of Writer...

Hers is a story that is hard to accept, but fills you with a strange kind of hope.

Coffee With Ruskin Bond

We chat about Toto the monkey, searching for a muse, ghostly crows, and everything under the sun.

Single On New Year’s Eve

I thought I was going to be solo and spend a quiet night at home. I was wrong.

Real Women Have Curves

A young girl’s angst on being skinny.

Tyagi: A Brand New Man | 101 Heartland

How one man went from a life of crime to coaching India's championship wrestlers.

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A Hospital For The Ageing Typewriter

It’s era might be over but it still has well wishers.

The Story Of A Stuntman

The real heroes who crash through windows, jump off buildings and survive car crashes.

"My Friend In FTII Was Just Put Behind Bars"

How the FTII Mahabharat went from an institutional struggle to a battle for personal freedom.

Pet Puja | 101 Oddly In India

Pet lovers, do you love your pets THIS much?

The Last Of The Chinamen | 101 Traces

I spent a day in Mumbai’s Chinatown with one of its oldest inhabitants.

India’s Most Flamboyant Make-Up Artist Talks Coming Out, Persian Cats And B-Town Dimwits

Elton Fernandez dishes out must do make-up tips and his current stand on monogamy.