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The Piano Man At Trident Has Seen It All – Presidents, Superstars…Terrorists.

58-year-old Schubert Vaz is a tuxedo clad pianist by day and a Hawaiian shirt rocking vocalist by night.

A BMX Star Rises From The Slums Of Mumbai | 101 Subway

Against all odds Annul Pale chases his dream.

“They Used To Be Okay With Just A Kiss. Now They All Want To Bang-Bang!”

If you don't think the casting couch exists, ask someone who's faced it many times...

An Ex U.K Prime Minister’s Great Grand Niece Talks About Bollywood’s Casting Couch...

101India caught up with Madeleine Eden who bares all on finding her Indian prince, street sleaze and doing a chocolate milk ad with John Abraham.

We Spent Six Hours At A Cop Station Because They Said We Were Making Porn

A regular editorial shoot turned into a sleaze fest.

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"This Is Not A Beard, These Are My Fangs"

Beards are everywhere. It’s hard to find a clean shaven man these days. Roadies man Raghu and a few other young men tell us the story behind their beards.

What Happens If The Groom Is The Bride?

Will India ever legalise gay marriage?

101 Exclusive: How An American Photographer Became “Bollywood’s Favorite Gora”

Living his Indian dream, Mark Bennington bares all on the desi casting couch, marrying the Indian girl of his dreams, crying with Dharmendra and landing the...

“We Leave Markers Near The Pot For Those Who Would Like To Add Graffiti To The Wall”:...

There’s something about Mumbai that makes you fall in love with it. Hundreds of young women move here every year to work or study and end up making it...

Meet Panna Lal, The Tobacco-Chewing Donkey Who Can Tell If You Are Having An Extra Marital...

I spent an afternoon at a mela in Sion, where I discovered the new messiah.

'I Never Make My Bed': Meet Mumbai's Bachelors And See Their Bachelor Pads

From doing their own laundry to dealing with landlords, being young and single in the city isn’t always what its cut out to be.