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The 101 Guide to 2016

Ring out the old, ring in the new!

The Great Indian Lover

Meet the Great Indian Lovers: The Devdas, The Kavi, The Mamma's Boy, The Bollywood Extremist and many many more. Will they live and love freely in today’s...

His hormones are raging!

Ladies please speak to him before he sweats himself to death.

This Man Would Rather Date His Balance Sheet Than A Woman

If you're stuck with one of these, you might wish you were single.

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How Much Shit Can You Take?

And how much shit can you give?

Chamcha Games

You meet them for the first time in school – the First Bencher, the Teacher’s Pet, the Topper’s Flatterer.

The Knee Race

Ready, steady, on all fours, go!

The Chamcha Games

Years of stringent training and toe-licking dedication have led to the highest standards in the world of Chamcha sports.

Ask Chaatu

Super Chamcha "Chaatu" answers all your questions and how to excel in the ignoble art