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India's Shaolin Gurukul & Its Kung Fu Master | 101 Subway

Meet Shifu Kanishka Sharma: the first Indian to ever train at the Shaolin Temple.

Delhi's Street Workout Crew | 101 Subway

Who needs a gym when you can get a better workout on the streets?

The Barefoot Skateboarders | 101 Subway

India's largest skateboarding park isn't in a big city, it's in a small village in Madhya Pradesh.

Sumo Didi

Hetal Dave is India’s answer to Sumo wrestling.

Stab & Slash: Knife Fighting Or 'Kali' Is The Most Peaceful Thing I’ve...

My tryst with Kali, the Filipino art of blade fighting.

A BMX Star Rises From The Slums Of Mumbai.

Against all odds Annul Pale chases his dream.

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Stunt Riding Is Not A Crime - One Wheel Game

Repeat after me: "Stunting is not a crime".

Street Games #1: Naariyal Baazi

Rio may have talent, but we've got our own desi skills too!

Chaitanya (MMA) vs Mandeep (Akhada) - Episode 3 | 101 Roots

Can an MMA Champion's technique take on a kushti pehlwan's endurance?

Street Games #2: Chai Jump

You've seen athletes do the high jump, now watch locals do the chai jump!

Ballet With Bikes - One Wheel Game

Most guys dance with girls. These guys dance with their bikes.

Andrew (MMA) vs Himanshu (Akhada) - Episode 4 | 101 Roots

What happens when an MMA fighter takes on an Akhada pehlwan?