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It Was During My First Free Fall That I Fell In Love With Skydiving

Skydiving teaches you to use fear as an enabler.

Woman Of Steel: India's Female Bodybuilding Champion | 101 Subway

Yashmeen is redefining standards of female beauty and strength, one benchpress at a time.

The Idiot Football Fan And His Love For Drama (An Autobiography)

Fans of the game are a ‘type’, and a very annoying one at that.

BB Bulbul: India's 1st Female Pro-Wrestler | 101 Heartland

Inside the ring or out of it, she's one hell of a fighter.

The Great Khali & His Continental Wrestling Academy | 101 Heartland

How India's first WWE superstar is paving the way for the next generation of Indian wrestlers.

How To Be The Hot Favourite On Derby Day

Words of wisdom from the President of the Western India Race Horse Owners' Association.

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India's Shaolin Gurukul & Its Kung Fu Master | 101 Subway

Meet Shifu Kanishka Sharma: the first Indian to ever train at the Shaolin Temple.

Delhi's Street Workout Crew | 101 Subway

Who needs a gym when you can get a better workout on the streets?

The Barefoot Skateboarders | 101 Subway

India's largest skateboarding park isn't in a big city, it's in a small village in Madhya Pradesh.

Sumo Didi

Hetal Dave is India’s answer to Sumo wrestling.

Stab & Slash: Knife Fighting Or 'Kali' Is The Most Peaceful Thing I’ve...

My tryst with Kali, the Filipino art of blade fighting.

A BMX Star Rises From The Slums Of Mumbai.

Against all odds Annul Pale chases his dream.