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BB Bulbul: India's 1st Female Pro-Wrestler | 101 Heartland

Inside the ring or out of it, she's one hell of a fighter.

Every time she enters a wrestling ring, Sarabjit Kaur transforms into the fearsome BB Bulbul, one of India's fiercest professional wrestlers. She's the first female wrestling star to emerge from Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE), a wrestling academy in Jalandhar. Created by international superstar The Great Khali, CWE is a home for aspiring hopefuls who want to make it big in the wrestling world. Inspired by films starring Dharmendra and Sunny Deol, BB Bulbul fights both men and women in the ring with equal ease. Her parents wanted Sarabjit to take up a profession more befitting her gender; like maybe a teacher. But clearly, she had other ambitions. Today, under the guidance of the Great Khali, BB Bulbul feels like she has found her purpose in life.

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