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Woman Of Steel: India's Female Bodybuilding Champion | Yashmeen Chauhan | 101 Subway

Yashmeen is redefining standards of female beauty and strength, one benchpress at a time.

She's won the Ms. India Bodybuilding Championship twice, and even earned India a Bronze medal at the Ms. Asia contest. But that wasn't enough for Yashmeen Chauhan. After a steroid treatment for a severe case of typhoid at a young age caused her to gain a lot of weight, Yashmeen promised herself that one day, she would have a great body. She's kept that promise, and is now the first woman to own and run a gym in Gurgaon, even training the men who join. So what more could she want? Just for women everywhere to know how important it is to be mentally and physically fit, and to work on keeping themselves in shape.

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