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How My Hindu Soul Celebrated Eid

Family, food and an epic monsoon.

I Am A Digambar Jain And I Spent An Evening At Mohammad Ali Road During Ramadan

After years of fasting during Paryushan, it was time to experience Ramadan.

I Swam Around In Rainbow Falls Buck Naked

Away from social media and the daily grind, nature will set you free.

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Cooking With The Locals In Bardem Village | 101 Wild Wild Chef

Unlocking the culinary secrets of Goa's Velips community.

The Shillong Food Trail With Khasi Bloodz

Vegetarians beware: We tasted the unusual and wonderful non-veg food of the North East.

Ramesh Sikarwar: Don Of Chambal (English) | Dinner With The Dons

Hop on a tractor and join Doctor VC for a meal with one of India's most dreaded dacoits.

Ashok Bhadoriya: Chambal's Bandit Hunter (English) | Dinner With The Cops

After meeting the daakus that raided the Chambal Valley, Doctor VC meets their nemesis: an encounter specialist.

Goa's Oldest Community of Fishermen: The Ramponkars | 101 Wild Wild Chef

Hop on a boat with Chef Karan, and catch some fresh fish and crabs like the locals do.

101 Kerala: Toddy Games

Harman and Abhishek get the crazy idea that they can outdrink the locals in Kerala. So it's off to the Toddy Shop for one toddy, two toddy, three toddy, floor!