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Ashok Bhadoriya: Chambal's Bandit Hunter (English) | Dinner With The Cops

After meeting the daakus that raided the Chambal Valley, Doctor VC meets their nemesis: an encounter specialist. DISCLAIMER: This video contains shots of graphic violence. Viewer discretion is advised. 

With 116 encounters to his name, Ashok Singh Bhadoriya is, for a large part, responsible for clearing the Chambal Valley of the dreaded dacoits that held sway in the region. He's been praised as a hero and on occasion, even accused of fake encounters. The accusations have since been disproven, and Ashok Bhadoriya remains a name that strikes terror into the hearts of the daakus that terrorise Chambal.

Doctor VC takes a journey with Bhadoriya, deep into daaku territory, to learn about how the life of an encounter specialist is different from the lives of the daakus themselves. What he learnt left him rather surprised.

The world has its heroes and its villains. The heroes get their medals, their perks and their rewards. But the world wants to know about the other kind too – the kind that dwells in the underground. This hunger for the unknown created Dinner with the Dons – India’s edgiest food show where we meet dons & hardcore criminals from various parts of the world and discuss their lives and philosophies over a meal. From Bhais of Mumbai to Annais of the south. From Goan smugglers to the Gujarati land mafia.