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Blue Lassi | 101 Varanasi

Varanasi is famous for a multitude of things from its ghats, to the Gods, to its temples. Yet, there is no way to know a place better than through its cuisine, as it reflects the attitudes, preferences and lifestyles of the people at once. Famous for years now for its Lassi and Thandai, our quirky hosts Harman and Abhishek are out on the streets of Varanasi on a tasting spree which mostly involves getting legally high and indulging in the goodness of everything made out of milk. They even discover a place which has more kinds of Lassi than the city has temples. This one’s here to give you your legit dose of cool!

101 Varanasi is a one-of-a-kind tribute to India’s holiest city - an unusual travelogue featuring the adventures of two friends – Harman & Abhishek, as they turn their boys trip to a rib-tickling, eye-opening and engaging tour of the city. These city slickers have set out from their cosmopolitan hometown of Mumbai to embark on the most unique journey of their lives. As they make their way through the enchanting streets of Varanasi and soak in its culture, the stories they bring back are just as unique. See Varanasi the way you never have before!