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Fire Paan | Oddly In India

You may have had flaming shots, but have you had flaming paan?

Thakur's Odeon Milan Paan at Connaught Place, New Delhi serves up more than just your ordinary meetha paan. Sure, he serves up many unique and wonderful flavours of paan, including chocolate paan, butterscotch paan, black currant paan, ghoondi paan, and of course, the original sweet 'meetha' paan. But the latest attraction at the stall is the Fire Paan. Full of the standard fare that goes into making paan, like gulkand, baraas, Rajneesh Thakur adds in his special ingredient - fire. Not for the faint of heart, Rajneesh himself places the flaming paan in customers mouths, to ensure no one gets burnt. It's all the rage, but would you be brave enough to try it?