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Goa's Oldest Community of Fishermen: The Ramponkars | 101 Wild Wild Chef

Hop on a boat with Chef Karan, and catch some fresh fish and crabs like the locals do.

Goa's love for everything fishy brings Karan to the sleepy beachside village of Hollant, home to the Ramponkars: one of the oldest fishing communities in Goa. The community doesn't go out on giant trawlers, instead using nets to make sure they only catch as much as they need. Karan set off to learn the secrets of Goan dishes like Crab Xecxec and Soj, straight from the locals!

101 Wild Wild Chef sends sous chef and recipe collector Karan Thakker off into the wilderness, to learn the traditional recipes of India's indigenous communities. He's the man with the pan, on a journey to some of India's most remote and beautiful spots, where he'll learn from the true masters: the locals he meets. The journey begins with the Velips and Ramponkars, two of Goa's oldest communities, and moves on to Karnataka's Siddi community.