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Greyhound Racing In Punjab | 101 Heartland With Doctor VC

These dogs are fast, furious and pure Punjabi.

In Punjab, it's all about 'tashan', the pure essence of Punjabi style. For some, the source of this tashan is in their pedigree racing dogs. Tag along with Doctor VC, thoroughbred racing hound 'Commander' and his owner Jugnu to learn the history of the sport in India, and what the future holds.

Greyhound racing has been a sport practiced in India since the British era. Once banned for  cruelty to rabbits, the sport is back in a modern avatar (minus the animal cruelty) in the heartland of Punjab. Races taking place in small villages are telecast live to the Punjabi diaspora all over the world. Join Doctor VC on his journey to meet the men and their dogs on race day. 

Each of us sees a different side to the country, so there are many Indias out there. On 101 Heartland With Doctor VC, look at India through his eyes, and journey to see people and places you didn't even know existed right in our own backyard.