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The Law of life on 101 India

The Law Of Life.

KhosGoes to Swarg Dwaar: An ever burning cremation ground.

  • The Law Of Life.

  • As a young boy, I spent many evenings in my neighborhood graveyard. These were my moments of freedom. Some might call it perverse. But it was pretty and quiet. I could spend hours here, undisturbed.

    So when I walked into Swarg Dwaar, I felt a strange flashback. The locals believe that cremating a loved one here takes them straight to heaven. Swarg Dwaar translates to ‘A Gateway to Heaven’.

    I had been to a few cremation grounds before, but this felt different. Most people were sad, but not crying. They were calm. You could sense the sorrow and pain but also feel the acceptance. Even the bodies of the departed, usually covered from head to toe, were loosely covered, so as to ease the passage to heaven.

    The warm sea breeze and ash clouds of burning flesh made for a eerie but peaceful setting. I was comfortably numb as I looked around me. Perhaps this was the right way to approach death. After all, death is the law of life.

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    Photography & Words: Karan Khosla