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MK Tevar: The Don Of Dindigul | Dinner With The Dons

Doctor VC's meal with MK Tevar pretty much turned into an episode of Breaking Bad: Biryani edition.

Some say Dindigul is the murder capital of Tamil Nadu. So it's no wonder that the district is home to people like MK Tevar - a local don. He's played many roles in his life: from selling lottery tickets, to working at hotels, and even working as an electrician. Meeting with host Doctor VC, Mr. Tevar talks about how going to jail actually exposed him to more criminals and 'rowdies'. This is what made him join a life of crime himself.

But like most people in his line of work, what the don really has a passion for, is food. Join Doctor VC as he sits down for a meal with a man who was once a hardened criminal.

The world has its heroes and its villains. The heroes get their medals, their perks and their rewards. But the world wants to know about the other kind too – the kind that dwells in the underground. This hunger for the unknown created Dinner with the Dons – India’s edgiest food show where we meet dons & hardcore criminals from various parts of the world and discuss their lives and philosophies over a meal. From Bhais of Mumbai to Annais of the south. From Goan smugglers to the Gujarati land mafia.