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Mumbai To Banaras | 101 Varanasi

From taking a 20 hour train ride, to finding the perfect loo, Harman & Abhishek have set off on a journey. And despite all their hardships (read: first world problems), they seem to be having fun. They often say the journey is more important than the destination and this is their journey to the most peculiar part of the country, well documented with a pinch of TMI. It also comes with a DIY list of What Not To Do on a cross-country train journey.

101 Varanasi is a one-of-a-kind tribute to India’s holiest city - an unusual travelogue featuring the adventures of two friends – Harman & Abhishek, as they turn their boys trip to a rib-tickling, eye-opening and engaging tour of the city. These city slickers have set out from their cosmopolitan hometown of Mumbai to embark on the most unique journey of their lives. As they make their way through the enchanting streets of Varanasi and soak in its culture, the stories they bring back are just as unique. See Varanasi the way you never have before!