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The Siddis Of Karnataka: Part 1 | 101 Wild Wild Chef

India's African community shows Chef Karan some very traditional recipes.

The Siddis are a community of Indians of African descent. Chef Karan travels deep into the heart of Karnataka's Yellapur district, to learn their traditional recipes straight from their homes. their wild ingredients range from the plants that grow in the region to the ants that live there! After introducing Karan to the freshest honey in the world (while it's still on the honeycomb), the Siddis teach him the secrets to one of their staple recipes - red ant chutney.

101 Wild Wild Chef sends sous chef Karan Thakker off into the wilderness, to learn the secrets of India's taste buds. He's the man with the pan, on a journey to some of India's most remote and beautiful spots, where he'll learn from the true masters: the locals he meets.

Part 2: