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Tap That: Dahi Handi Ep 2

One urban brat joins in Mumbai's biggest Human Pyramid.

Tap That: Dahi Handi Ep 1

After kushti in Varanasi and Vallam Kali in Kerala, Harman sets off to join the human pyramids of Mumbai's Dahi Handi.

101Kerala: Life In The Backwaters

In Kerala, anywhere you want to go; anything you want to do, you do it on the backwaters.

101Kerala: The Village Of Twins

What makes one small village produce more than 200 pairs of twins?

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Now That Love Is Not An Option

A 101 guide to exploring the Aksa-Madh stretch without being charged for indecency in public.

Tap That Kerala: The Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race

Harman's attempts to join the championship team of India's biggest boat racing event!

Into The Kumbh: In Search Of A Naga

We travelled to Nasik to learn about the mysteries of life from the sadhus.

101 Kerala: Hungry Harman

A trip to Kerala is a foodie's delight! Harman scours the bylanes of Calicut for the best beef, tapioca, fish, and of course, kaapi he can get his hands on!

When Pot-Bellied Tigers Took To The Streets Of Thrissur

My close encounter with Kerala’s Pulikali festival.

Thousands Of Sword Wielding Oracles Wearing Vermilion Costumes, Swarm A Temple Premise

I attended the legendary Bharani festival noted for this spectacular event.