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Beach Hopping In Udupi

Forget Goa, this is where the party is at now.

Praying I Don’t Fall Into A Pit Of Shit In Ladakh

When I planned a backpacking trip to Ladakh, I didn’t account for dirty toilets and bone crushing cold.

There's More To Mandawa Than Bajrangi Bhaijaan And PK

The hand painted havelis and forts of Mandawa make this the 'open art gallery' of Rajasthan.

There's More To Hampi Than Hippie Island

I came to Hampi to chase the story of how waste banana fiber was being transformed into useful products.

The Stomach Has No Race, And No Nationality

An African feast in the heart of Bangalore makes friends out of strangers.

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800 Meters At Its Deepest, Chandrataal Lake Is Just Phenomenal!

Snow covered peaks, impossibly high mountains, 5 shades of blue and clear skies. I promise I’ll be back.

From Fried Prawn Puri With Sol Kadi To Maach Paturi

A day with Goa-based Bengali chef and mom, Ajanta Burman.

It Took One Trip To Oman To Get Me Out Of My Comfort Zone And Embrace Life

I went cold turkey on my old, sheltered, safe, boring life.

Sunday Morning At The Daryaganj Book Bazaar

A place where you can buy books by the kilo.