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Tap That Kerala: Boat Race Finale

All the training comes down to this! It's RACE TIME!


When there's something weird in your neighbourhood, the answer can't always be found by logic or reason. Journey into the paranormal world of the haunted.

101 Kerala: Village Games

When in Kerala, challenge the Keralites at their own jobs!

Tap That Kerala: Boat Race Episode 3

After rigorous practice and hard work, Harman can finally make it through an entire rowing session.

101 Kerala: Toddy Games

Harman and Abhishek get the crazy idea that they can outdrink the locals in Kerala. So it's off to the Toddy Shop for one toddy, two toddy, three toddy, floor!

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Rental Mental

For those who live on rent in India's big cities, life can get pretty crazy.

The Girls From 32C And Their 32Cs

Don't hang your dirty laundry in public!

Tap That Kerala: Boat Race Episode 2

The training gets tougher, the workouts get longer, while Harman and Abhishek do what they do best: not give a [email protected]*k.

101 Kerala: Evening Sunrise

What's a trip to Kerala without sampling the local moonshine?

Tap That Kerala: Boat Race Episode 1

After successfully trying his hand at Kushti in Varanasi, Harman has moved on to Kerala.