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Riverside Culture | 101 Varanasi

The city that eats, meets and lives by the river Ganga. Our city slickers go around exploring the ghats.

The Village of Bouncers | 101 Heartland

Imagine a village where most men are bouncers!

Tap That S01E05 - The Real Dangal

In the finale of Tap That Akhada watch Harman take on Sonu Pehlwan.

Blue Lassi | 101 Varanasi

What's the point of going to Banaras if you don't try the bhaang?

Beef Diaries: A Bhatti, 12 Handis And 22 Masalas

I went scouting for hole-in-the-wall eateries that serve delicious versions of the humble meat.

Tap That S01E04 - Fight Or Flight

Shehri Babu Harman is gonna fight the local hero Sonu Pehlwan. A mandatory Rocky style montage is a must.

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Babas Of Banaras | 101 Varanasi

Harman and Abhishek have given up their earthly belongings and are on a spiritual quest to find the meaning of life, women, marijuana and God!

Doing Away With Beers That Taste Like Piss

Gateway Brewing Co brings the culture of home-brewing to Mumbai.

Tap That S01E03 - Strongest Of Them All

The Pehlwans of Varanasi lift unbelievable weights to find the strongest of them all!

Temple Run | 101 Varanasi

Our city slickers decided to take on the challenge to run to as many Banarasi temples as they can in one day!