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Pissed Off Malayalis And Their New Cocktail

“Beewine”, the new prohibition inebriation.

Tap That S01E02 - Bootcamp: Dangal Style

Let the training begin! Rajesh Pelhwan takes it upon himself to cause some serious pain in Harman's life! 

Mumbai To Banaras | 101 Varanasi

A 30 hour train journey leaves self respecting humans asking: Where should I take a dump?

Tap That S01E01 - Rumble In The Dangal

Harman's first experience in an Akhada in Varanasi proves to be a rather painful one.

Say Shalom On The Occasion Of The Jewish New Year

Taking a closer look at the Jewish community in Mumbai.

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Tap That Trailer

An epic adventure into the unknown.

How I Got Down And Dirty At The Mud Rush

7 kms of earth-crawling through sludge and grime, jumping into slush trenches and scaling slippery walls.

I Let A Grown Man Bathe Me At An Iranian Hamam In Mumbai...And It Hurt.

I was kneaded, squeezed, smacked, twisted, oiled and then soaped.