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I Swam Around In Rainbow Falls Buck Naked

Away from social media and the daily grind, nature will set you free.

A Night Trek In The Wild Wild East

3500 steps to a bridge made of roots in Meghalaya.

A Vegan Walks Into Rural India

Little did I know that the humble masala chai would be my undoing.

If You're Broke And Like Bengali Food, Here’s Where To Go

Unearthing the history of Kolkata's most famous 'pice hotel'.

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Chakrata Is The Perfect New Getaway From Delhi

If you hate crowds and love nature, this is the place to be.

The Siddis Of Karnataka: Part 2 | 101 Wild Wild Chef

Karan learns more about the hunting techniques and recipes of the Siddi community.

I Walked Into Bangladesh For 10 Minutes

A trip to the Umngot river took a sudden turn.

Surfing, Yoga, And Massages In Udupi

Sand and Tanned on the Surf Turf.

The Siddis Of Karnataka: Part 1 | 101 Wild Wild Chef

India's African community shows Chef Karan some very traditional recipes.

Goa's Oldest Community of Fishermen: The Ramponkars | 101 Wild Wild Chef

Hop on a boat with Chef Karan, and catch some fresh fish and crabs like the locals do.