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I Am A Digambar Jain And I Spent An Evening At Mohammad Ali Road During Ramadan

After years of fasting during Paryushan, it was time to experience Ramadan.

I Swam Around In Rainbow Falls Buck Naked

Away from social media and the daily grind, nature will set you free.

A Night Trek In The Wild Wild East

3500 steps to a bridge made of roots in Meghalaya.

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A Vegan Walks Into Rural India

Little did I know that the humble masala chai would be my undoing.

If You're Broke And Like Bengali Food, Here’s Where To Go

Unearthing the history of Kolkata's most famous 'pice hotel'.

Chakrata Is The Perfect New Getaway From Delhi

If you hate crowds and love nature, this is the place to be.

The Siddis Of Karnataka: Part 2 | 101 Wild Wild Chef

Karan learns more about the hunting techniques and recipes of the Siddi community.

I Walked Into Bangladesh For 10 Minutes

A trip to the Umngot river took a sudden turn.

Surfing, Yoga, And Massages In Udupi

Sand and Tanned on the Surf Turf.