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The Petrified Lamb | The Great Indian Lover

Ladies please speak to him before he sweats himself to death.

The Love Engineer | The Great Indian Lover

If you're stuck with one of these, you might wish you were single.

Wtf Is Cosplay? Meet India's First Cosplayer | 101 Subway

She's a psycho killer, she's an elf, she's a superhero, she's from Powai.

Meet the Loin of Lalbaug

Captain of the Mumbai Maulers.

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If You Think Nobody Noticed You Are Wrong!

A must watch for every Indian male.

Mufflerman Comes Back As Scarfface!

Watch him fight corruption and black money with his gamcha. And be selfie ready at the same time.

Getting Intimate with Sushant Divgikar, Mr Gay India Part 2

Sushant Divgikar wins hearts and titles at the Mr. Gay World contest. Watch him shake his booty and more as he romances Rome and the Romans

Getting Intimate with Sushant Divgikar, Mr. Gay India Part 1

 We caught up with Sushant a few hours before he left for the Mr. Gay World pageant in Rome. Go diva go!

Sumo Didi Hetal Dave: India's First Pro Sumo Wrestler

Hetal Dave is India’s answer to Sumo wrestling.

Mahesh Niwatkar: Pop Cop: Policeman By Day, Star By Night!

The Mumbai Police get a lot of bad press. But there’s another side to their story.